Depression & Sadness Aren't The Same

It's easy to think of depression as an extreme version of sadness, but they actually are distinct emotional states. Sadness is a natural reaction to certain life events. We need to feel sad sometimes, it's part of what makes us human & our lives meaningful. Depression is a state of dysfunction that requires help to get out of. It may or may not be triggered by a real-life situation. And it may or may not include sadness. Some people who are depressed don't report feeling sad, rather they simply feel nothing at all - numb & empty.

10 Depression Myths & Misconceptions

As depression is moving to the forefront of mental health discussions in our culture, we need to be sure we're working with the facts instead of perpetuating the many depression myths & misperceptions already swirling around out there. 

The People of Color Network created a very concise recap of these 10 things, originally posted by the Huffington Post.