Military Sexual Trauma: The Male Perspective

GQ just published an feature article documenting the very real yet largely unspoken issue of military sexual assault & rape against men. Media coverage tends to focus on women in the military who have been assault victims, who often go on to deal with the aftermath of military sexual trauma (MST) & post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

This article not only brings to life the frequency & devastation of this issue for men in the military & also sheds light on the mishandling of the psychiatric care of these men, who may be discharged with a personality disorder label, thus negating any potential VA benefits for treatment.

For my fellow clinicians, please be aware of the potential for this issue to be buried underneath others (addiction, self-injury, depression) & especially of the personality disorder label as a red flag.

If you are a survivor of military sexual assault, there is a list of treatment & legal resources provided via the GQ article.