OCD: Semen Contamination

One of my favorite OCD therapists & writers, Jon Hershfield, has put together a series of articles exploring the common contamination triggers of various bodily fluids. This particular piece focuses on fears around semen contamination & how to tackle that fear from evidence-based treatment strategies like mindful awareness, direct exposure & response prevention. 
It's an excellent read on a subject that many fear talking about out of sheer discomfort given the topic. 


"You can't protect yourself from something that isn't dangerous."



Workbook Chapter On ROCD: Relationship OCD

Contamination & counting make up only a fraction of the ways OCD can surface in someone's life. Relationship OCD, or ROCD for short, is a particularly insidious manifestation that attacks someone's confidence in their relationship with a loved one. OCD experts Jon Hershfield & Tom Corboy have kindly shared a chapter on ROCD as an excerpt from the recently-released "The Mindfulness Workbook For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" (a resource I can't recommend highly enough!).