Grieving: Pet Loss Versus Human Loss

As someone who has recently gone through (is still going through) the loss of a loved pet, this list from Angela Hartlin on the unique aspects of grieving for a pet is extremely accurate.

My only wish is that the headline was more about how pet loss is "different" from human loss instead of "worse." Loss of any sort hurts. We don't need to make it worse by creating a competition out of it. Grief is grief. Be kind to yourself. And others.

RIP Madison - my "little fuzz" for 16 awesome years...

RIP Madison - my "little fuzz" for 16 awesome years...

Mindfulness Tips From Dogs

One of the many benefits of sharing live with an animal friend is the opportunity to look at the world & life through the eyes of someone who isn't in walking through it as a human such as yourself. John D. Moore at Psych Central created this quick list of 7 things we could all learn from dogs (or cats!) to help improve our own mindfulness practice. Enjoy!