Depression & Sadness Aren't The Same

It's easy to think of depression as an extreme version of sadness, but they actually are distinct emotional states. Sadness is a natural reaction to certain life events. We need to feel sad sometimes, it's part of what makes us human & our lives meaningful. Depression is a state of dysfunction that requires help to get out of. It may or may not be triggered by a real-life situation. And it may or may not include sadness. Some people who are depressed don't report feeling sad, rather they simply feel nothing at all - numb & empty.

8 Steps To Manage Intense Emotion

No one ever said emotions were easy. Sure, some are more enjoyable than others, but it's the full range of them that makes our lives rich & meaningful. Instead of fighting to avoid or not feel the not-so-pleasant ones, Dr. Jonice Webb lays out 8 ways to go about learning to live with difficult emotions. How many are you doing?

"Grin & Bear It" May Not Be Such Great Advice


New research indicates that forcing yourself to smile when you aren't feeling so smiley could backfire. If done too frequently, it could confuse the brain into associating smiling with unhappiness, leading to an overall sense of unease.

When it comes to emotions, typically the best thing we can do is acknowledge our current state & try to remain congruent while passing through it. Go ahead & smile. If you feel like it.

Avoid Overprotecting Children With OCD

Dr. Karen Cassiday of Chicago's Anxiety & Agoraphobia Treatment Center discusses how the thing that might be most intuitive for an adult parenting a child with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) - protecting them from it - might actually be the worst thing they can do. 

Anxiety & OCD treatment can be very counterintuitive until you understand the basics of how anxiety feeds off avoidance, distraction & reassurance. We're all wired to get away from anxiety or unpleasant feelings when they get intense. However, we can make the choice to stay with them in order to learn we can handle this very human emotional experience.