15 Struggles Of Social Introverts

That's right, I said social introverts. Introverts need people to (sometimes), but those social needs can be easily misread by those on the more extraverted end of the spectrum. Abby Rosmarin over at Thought Catalog lists her top 15 struggles only social introverts will understand.


Introverts Don't Always Want To Be Alone. Or Do They?

As a hardcore introvert myself, it can be hard to admit that people need people. But if I'm really being honest, I know it's (probably) true. Sophia Demling makes some good points in her essay about introverts needing people - mostly about the ways in which we need them. 

I agree with her that all the recent introvert-love being expressed on the internet has largely focused on "WE JUST WANT TO BE ALONE." However, my take on it is that that aspect has been emphasized because our extravert-oriented culture seems to view this want as some sort of mental defect, or at least a mentally unhealthy practice. 

As with many things, it's all about knowing yourself & striking the right balance. 

What do you think?