Scheduling Mindful Worry Time

Paul Jozsef, Director of The Mindfulness Space in Australia, has put together a helpful set of instructions for how to practice mindful worry time as a way to manage excessive worry & anxiety. While it seems counterintuitive to purposefully plan time to worry when worrying is a problem you're trying to decrease, it actually makes quite a bit of sense once you understand the rational. Check it out & try it for yourself!

10 Ways To Stop Judging People

It's easy to judge others from the comfort of our own selves. Ultimately though, we only cause ourselves more stress & suffering when we get in the habit of casting judgments. Luckily, like any habit, it can be broken. Here's 10 ways to start seeing people non-judgmentally.

Meditation: A Skeptic's Guide

Happify, a website/app dedicated to helping people improve their happiness quotient via research-based techniques, tackles the subject of medication & the science behind it in this nifty infographic. Check it out to learn exactly what mindful mediation entails & how it can help you live a happier life!

Choose How To Think. Your Life Depends On It.

We're often so busy go about our days & lives that our brains are on autopilot, which can be a dangerous way to operate. The brain's default settings aren't always helpful. Sometimes we need to step in & practice being more aware of the patterns we subscribe to so that we can be more deliberate in choosing acceptable alternatives. 

This video illustrates David Foster Wallace's 2005 graduation speech at Kenyon College. It's good advice for anyone, anywhere at anytime. Give it a go & in 9 minutes you may change the way you see your world. For the better.

Mindfulness Tips From Dogs

One of the many benefits of sharing live with an animal friend is the opportunity to look at the world & life through the eyes of someone who isn't in walking through it as a human such as yourself. John D. Moore at Psych Central created this quick list of 7 things we could all learn from dogs (or cats!) to help improve our own mindfulness practice. Enjoy!

Workbook Chapter On ROCD: Relationship OCD

Contamination & counting make up only a fraction of the ways OCD can surface in someone's life. Relationship OCD, or ROCD for short, is a particularly insidious manifestation that attacks someone's confidence in their relationship with a loved one. OCD experts Jon Hershfield & Tom Corboy have kindly shared a chapter on ROCD as an excerpt from the recently-released "The Mindfulness Workbook For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" (a resource I can't recommend highly enough!).