Imposter Syndrome: Have You Mastered The Art Of Pretending?

Ever felt like you were an imposter of sorts? Like at any moment you'd be "found out" & exposed for the fraud you believe you are? If so, you aren't alone. Imposter Syndrome is a phenomenon many people, especially women, experience in some aspect of their life. Julie Zhuo shares her experience of realizing she was a member of this group as well as the 3 tactics she uses to combat the invisible imposter inside.

"You don the disguise long enough & you can't even recognize that you are acting. That you are behaving inauthentically, from a place of fear & insecurity. That you can't figure out how to reconcile the real you with the pretend you. Because nothing is more important that not being found out as a fraud."

Empathy & Social Anxiety. So Sensitive It Hurts?

Results from a new study indicate a possible connection between social anxiety & a strong sense of empathy. On one hand, an empath can pick up on others' discomfort & absorb it as their own. On the other, they can easily imagine what others may be thinking or feeling, leading to increased worry about what exactly those thoughts might be in regards to themselves. Either or both could lead to feeling anxious in social situations. So if you're feeling that anxiety, it might not be that there's anything "wrong" with you, but that you possess an incredible ability to know others.

15 Struggles Of Social Introverts

That's right, I said social introverts. Introverts need people to (sometimes), but those social needs can be easily misread by those on the more extraverted end of the spectrum. Abby Rosmarin over at Thought Catalog lists her top 15 struggles only social introverts will understand.

Comparing Yourself To Others: How To Stop

It's an unhelpful habit most of us struggle with at some point - looking around & comparing ourselves to others. And we don't always come out on the winning side of that equation. Like any habit, it's a hard one to break. Luckily, Lauren Bacon has shared the wisdom she earned by taking a good look at how comparing herself to co-workers was only hurting herself in the end. Check out these