Why OCD Is So Miserable: A Reporter's Perspective

Science reporter David Adam chronicles his struggles with OCD & his fear of contracting HIV in this new book that explores the realities of the disorder as well as evidence-based treatments. To learn more, check out this interview with David on NPR.


Resource: For Men Sexually Abused As Boys

I recently discovered the 1in6 website, which is an extensive & outstanding resource on the rarely-discussed topic of men who survived childhood/adolescent sexual abuse. Explore as someone who has experienced it personally, someone who is supporting a personal survivor, or a professional provider of therapy services.


OCD 101: A NAMI Primer

Need a quick overview on OCD - symptoms, causes, treatments? NAMI, the National Alliance On Mental Illness, has put together a concise OCD 101 overview that makes for a good starting point if you're looking to learn more, either as a someone who might experience it or someone who wants to be a helpful support person. 


Heads Up: If you save the PDF version from the link they provide, it doesn't include everything from the original entry, like the medication info.


Avoid Overprotecting Children With OCD

Dr. Karen Cassiday of Chicago's Anxiety & Agoraphobia Treatment Center discusses how the thing that might be most intuitive for an adult parenting a child with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) - protecting them from it - might actually be the worst thing they can do. 

Anxiety & OCD treatment can be very counterintuitive until you understand the basics of how anxiety feeds off avoidance, distraction & reassurance. We're all wired to get away from anxiety or unpleasant feelings when they get intense. However, we can make the choice to stay with them in order to learn we can handle this very human emotional experience.