Invisibilia: NPR Podcast Explores Our Worst Thoughts

I'm not usually one for podcasts - it's hard for my brain to process information without a visual - but this one held my attention. NPR explores whether or not our thoughts are who we are or if they are something else. Of particular interest is their deep-dive into the mind of someone with Harm OCD, which includes an overview of the most current, evidence-based treatments.

Our Love For Harm OCD

Clinical psychologist Debra Kissen & I have something in common - we both love working with "Pure-O" OCD, particularly a subtype known as "Harm OCD." In this post, she articulates what it is that's so exciting to work with from our perspective as well as what to do if you are someone suffering from these types of intrusive thoughts.

Overcoming Hit & Run OCD

Sometimes the best way to learn about & understand the recommended treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder is to hear directly from someone who has been through it. Melanie Lefebvre gives us her personal experience of exposure therapy & how it's helped her manage her OCD, which centers around intrusive thoughts that she's hit someone with her car.

Therapy Fail: 3 Possible Reasons Why

Not all therapy is created equally, nor are all therapists. Sometimes getting a great therapist is the luck of the draw. If you're not having a great therapy experience, it doesn't mean therapy in general is bad, just that perhaps you haven't found the right fit yet. 

The Emotion Machines points out 3 reasons why therapy may be failing you (or failed you in the past). Take a look & see if anything rings true. Now you know what to look for!