Fear Not Feedback

Unstuck, a wealth of smart & well-designed tips about how to live life better, tackles the subject of how to take the fear out of getting feedback. Even constructive criticism can be hard to take sometimes. It's a natural reaction to get defensive or offended. Are you a Wallower, Stonewaller, or Bristler? Maybe a combo? Regardless, Unstuck has 7 questions you can ask yourself to help turn feedback into a true learning experience.



Comparing Yourself To Others: How To Stop

It's an unhelpful habit most of us struggle with at some point - looking around & comparing ourselves to others. And we don't always come out on the winning side of that equation. Like any habit, it's a hard one to break. Luckily, Lauren Bacon has shared the wisdom she earned by taking a good look at how comparing herself to co-workers was only hurting herself in the end. Check out these