What Neurodiversity Is NOT

Excellent & thoughtful blog post by this neurotypical mom of an autistic daughter. Excerpt:

"I thought that being a card-carrying proponent of neurodiversity meant not helping my kid to mitigate the challenges that autism presents for her.

I was wrong. It means redirecting the fight.

Neurodiversity means changing the definition of success. It means prizing self-actualization over self-camouflage. It means accepting how integral autism is to one’s identity, one’s understanding of themselves and the world around them. Autism is a Pervasive development disorder - embracing it means understanding that there is no aspect of life that it does not touch. It is the filter through which one experiences and interacts with the world.

Acceptance means no longer setting ourselves and our children up for failure by grading their a-typical progress in relation to someone else’s typical development. It means no longer trying to eradicate the thing that is such a huge part of who they are and instead working to make it less disabling. That’s the heart of this really – accepting autism as a fundamental part of our kids and then working with them to leverage its gifts and mitigate its challenges."


BONUS: She also shares her well-thought-out POV on the problematic nature of person-first language here.